Scavengers and How to Avoid Them

Ever been running late or just need to get to a place real quick and you were unfortunate to fall into the trap of scavengers? First, sorry for your pain. Second, I’ve been there before. Welcome!

Today’s scavengers are the people y’all refer to as Keke drivers, in english speak, people that ride tricycles.

It’s frustrating when you get into one and they stop at the sight of every human they see, hooting. Kind sir, did they signal you? Was there any hint that this person was looking in your direction?

I think not!

The worst is when they wait at a lonely bus stop hoping for a human to magically appear. Sir, you have me, am I not enough? Can you keep going and along the way you’ll find passengers.

Do they listen? No.

I get that they don’t want to carry just one passenger for the whole trip but I’m the only one you’ve got, can you also factor my time in consideration?

Oh, what of when you are already inside the Keke and they wait for the person strolling majestically, still far off, if I may add.

Dear sir, I did not get up from my bed an hour early to be caught up with someone who just woke up!

*pats imaginary hair*

So, I thought of how to avoid these scavengers. What signs can we look out for even though we’re in a hurry?


If you see any Keke driver waiting at your bus stop while you’re still far off, avoid them. You’re not special, they will do it to you too. And if they have passengers waiting as well for you, just know that they’re cursing you from the depth of their hearts…you and the driver!

If they’re very eager in getting you into their Keke, run! I know money must be made, but my time is also important; I respectfully decline your invitation.

The ones that will turn a whole 90° just to get you into their Keke, don’t think they’re being nice, run! That’s a scavenger.

I’ve run out of tips, what else do you think we can look out for to avoid these scavengers. They are a menace, I tell you.

And to the Keke drivers that go into the streets looking for passengers, y’all are on a different level but I respect your hustle. You’ve helped my mom many a time, Mama Oge says thanks!

Stay brazen. ✌

Published by Vanessa Emeadi

Witty, funny, brash at times. I'm the big sister you never had, your female bestie and you know we can't hide the truth from you, us and our big mouths....but it's all done with love. FYI, you need me!

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