Nigeria is on a Warpath

What is happening to this country! The recent destruction, killings and kidnaps that happened in over 72hrs is just unthinkable.

How do you invade a whole airport, in Kaduna? A group of armed men (quite large in number, over 200 men) came into the airport through the bush, had a jolly time riding their bikes, went as far as to kill a security agent. Why?!

That was not all, another group of gunmen (we are not sure if they’re the same people that attacked the airport) attacked a train that had over 970 passengers…opened fire on them, killing innocent passengers…many injured, some lost their lives, others were abducted.

The armchair detective in me is sensing foul play…could it be they needed that huge number of people to travel by train so they attacked the airport to repel people from travelling by air?

The train tracks were rigged with bombs, it was not a one day thing. This was a planned attack on innocent citizens and for what? For the Nigerian government to deny and play blind to such casualties. To what end? What is the gain of those that set these evil men loose on Nigerian citizens?

The icing on the cake, Nigeria played a football match with Ghana (World cup qualifier), just hours after the bombing. The government never said anything about the bombing but they came on air to announce that all government workers would close by 1pm so they would have time to witness the match.

A match they already had inside knowledge of possible riot.

Guess what the Nigerian government did, they shared free tickets to citizens to attend the match. Not one government official was in sight!

Alas, Ghana won and Nigerians went mad. They didn’t give a 1 minute silence to the victims of the Abuja-Kaduna train, the government didn’t mention them but they could wail at a stupid loss! A game of football is now suddenly more important than the loss of human lives, insecurity and violence perpetrated on their fellow citizens!

Watch a clip of the destruction that took place at the stadium…

We are turning into animals in this country…not thinking, only reacting. You failed at a game, so what! People lost their lives but some Nigerian citizens didn’t rate it…not until Nigeria happens to them. We have become so inconsiderate in this country, cursed with a short term memory. There was no outcry for the loss of lives…at this point, I’m repeating myself but it cannot be helped. Why are we like this?!

How can we hold the government accountable and demand that proper security measures be put in place? We are not safe in this country, you cannot sleep soundly in your house without the fear that you may be attacked, you cannot travel by road or by train because it isn’t safe. My heart goes out to our corps members serving their fathers’ land in these insecure times.

To the Nigerian government; You cannot use us to play your dirty games, you will definitely get what’s coming…

#RIP those who lost their lives to senseless brutality.

Published by Vanessa Emeadi

Witty, funny, brash at times. I'm the big sister you never had, your female bestie and you know we can't hide the truth from you, us and our big mouths....but it's all done with love. FYI, you need me!

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