Misconceptions misconceptions, these shitty things gets everybody, lol. Why do we assume things we don’t know but somehow we are sure that it’s true? Of course we have the “if it barks like a dog, then it is a dog” thing which just makes you look stupid when you discover that it’s actually not a dog, it just barks like one.

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Living in Nigeria

“Do you think it’s easy to be a good person in this world that we’re living?” This was the question from my ever so dramatic friend, Sola. She asked me this after paying less than the original price for the bag she wanted. It was a blue coloured animal skin (You know the type) bag, I’ll admit it was pretty but I never thought she wanted it with the dismissive way she looked at it. Even asking for the price seemed like an unpleasant business for her, by the time Sola was done working the bag lady, she was willing to sell it off to her at a very cheap price. I was shocked! And Sola knows very well how expensive that bag really is.

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The Monster Called Fear

You find it hard to sleep, your mind is in a constant race about everything that could go wrong. It’s making you more anxious, more depressed because you’d like to be strong, to be able to dictate the direction of your thoughts but you’re failing woefully at it. Sucks!

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