Letter to W

There’s me and then there’s you. When the music comes on and the light goes dim, my senses are heightened and I can find you in the crowd….

Well, that was my first attempt in a long while at romance. What did you think? Got you didn’t I…😂

On a serious note, I haven’t written for pleasure in a minute and my blog has suffered for it (Sorry baby!). Writing used to be my best form of escaping; just creating false realities. It brought out parts of me I’d never explored in real life, and I read a lot. I’m not reading as much anymore and that in itself is heartbreaking. Nothing interests me anymore 💔

In all this, I’m grateful for the gift of writing, for the expressive characters in storybooks, for discovering NR/JD Robb and all the greats in fictionville.

I’m not leaving anytime, I wanted to share a piece of what’s going on with me.

Currently listening to Nish ~ Standing By You, as I write this. Don’t puke all over 😜


Published by Vanessa Emeadi

Witty, funny, brash at times. I'm the big sister you never had, your female bestie and you know we can't hide the truth from you, us and our big mouths....but it's all done with love. FYI, you need me!

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