Cry Me A Cyrano

When I was a little girl, I heard the story of Cyrano and Roxane and at that age my heart bled for them, for lost opportunities, for doubts, but most of all, for him.

You see, Cyrano wasn’t like any other men, he was qualified in every area but the one area he felt was lacking; his looks. He thought his love would want nothing to do with him because he didn’t look good.

It’s sad but shallow. What a shallow thought to have about the person you love! And we all know he knew her really well but wouldn’t it also make sense that the person he loved would have the heart to overlook his ugliness and follow what’s in his soul?

Turns out he was correct. Roxane was shallow. She spoke so much about loving someone who was intellectual and witty; she loved to read, she loved poetry so it made sense that in order to woe her you must have those habits. But she was won over by looks.

She saw Christian and thought him the most beautiful man. She had never heard him speak but she’d been utterly attracted to him.

Christian also liked Roxane but he knew he didn’t have the mental capacity; the panache, to keep her. Only Cyrano had those qualities and he promised to help him.

Cyrano wrote letters to Roxane while she imagined they were Christian’s words to her. That made her fall more deeply for Christian. One day, Christian felt confident and sure of Roxane’s love for him and told Cyrano off. He didn’t need Cyrano’s coaching nor his letters, he would speak to Roxane using his own words.

When he met up with Roxane and started his speech, she cut him off. Who are you and what have you done to my poet. Don’t call me a flower!

I paraphrase but you get my message. She was shocked, she didn’t like what she was hearing, he wasn’t sounding poetic and his words weren’t polished like they usually were. She literally ran away from him.

Then Christian realised, Roxane might like his looks but she didn’t like him for him, she only appreciated the letters and words of her best friend, Cyrano. If this ruse was going to continue, he would need Cyrano’s help.

Bad, bad bad! Terrible really.

I don’t know if given the choice, she would have chosen Cyrano but she wasn’t. He decided for both of them when he looked down on himself and didn’t count himself worthy to woo her.

My curse is to love her from afar.

Christian is a simpleton, a handsome one nonetheless. You don’t deserve this girl, you can’t give her what she wants and instead of coming out with his truth and letting her decide if his almighty looks were enough for her and she would have to give up the dream of having a partner that had brain, heart and style and…I could go on…dude was a coward.

Roxane blatantly pisses me off. She clearly wanted to have her cake and eat it. I feel, deep down she knew that Christian wasn’t the one writing all those letters but she didn’t want to open that pandora box and discover what her shallow self couldn’t bear. She wanted the perfect guy just like her books described. Lady, those guys don’t exist.

And my problem with the men is they kept her on a pedestal, they didn’t want her disturbing her pretty head over matters that took place outside of her books. Because, why didn’t any of them come out to say…

Cyrano: I’ve been writing the letters you love so much, I am in love with you.

Christian: I don’t have the qualities you seek except handsomeness. Do you still want me?

Fair question, honestly.

At the end of the day, all three are idiots and I’m done with this post.

FYI: loving from afar doesn’t make you a hero, if anything, that’s sheep behaviour. Put yourself out there and present your crush/love/case to the one you like…if yes, great. If no, move on. That way, you remove yourself from pining over someone that doesn’t care about you that way.


Published by Vanessa Emeadi

Witty, funny, brash at times. I'm the big sister you never had, your female bestie and you know we can't hide the truth from you, us and our big mouths....but it's all done with love. FYI, you need me!

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